The Paul Stafford Foundation

The Paul Stafford Foundation Works with the following charities:

Reach Out is a service dedicated to taking the mystery out of mental health. They aim to provide quality assured mental health information and inspiring real life stories by young people to help other young people get through tough times. also provides information about other services that can help people deal with mental health problems.


aware-logoAware is a voluntary organisation formed in 1985 by a group of interested patients, relatives and mental health professionals, whose aims are to assist that section of the population whoses lives are directly affected by depression.

400,000 people in Ireland currently suffer from depression but many hide their depression and never get help. Sadly, over 500 people take their own life each year. Aware, since its foundation in 1985 has been working energetically to bring support to sufferers of depression, and their families and to dispel the myths and misunderstandings of this devastating illness.


consoleConsole was established in 2002 by families that had experienced the grief of losing a loved one through suicide.

Console has developed into a professional organisation, responding to the needs of those bereaved through suicide within the community. Console promotes positive mental health within the community in an effort to reduce the high number of attempted suicides and deaths through suicide.

Console is a national service with offices in both Dublin and Galway.

3T’s (Turn the Tide of Suicide)

3Ts - Turn the Tide on Suicide3T’s (Turn the Tide of Suicide) is a registered charity (reg no. CHY15710), founded to raise awareness of the problem of suicide in Ireland and to raise funds to help lower suicide rates through dedicated research, educational support and intervention. In February 2007, 3Ts became a founder member of the Action on Suicide Alliance, a group which has since grown to 13 organisations who came together to lobby for increased funding and implementation of suicide prevention strategies.

The No. 1 killer of young men in Ireland is not cancer, nor is it road traffic deaths, it is Suicide. Over 600 people in Ireland are estimated to die through suicide annually, 1 in 6 suicide deaths are males under 25 years, or almost 1 in 4 males under 35 years.

Where does somebody in suicidal crisis turn to? There is currently no dedicated national service in Ireland for people in suicidal crisis; and mental health budgets have been slashed. As the number of deaths by suicide is on the increase, the funding to cope with prevention, intervention and the aftermath has decreased. The more awareness we have as a community about this problem the more opportunities we create to lobby for change. Since its launch in 2003, 3Ts has been involved in a variety of successful awareness projects which we believe have contributed to bringing the problem to the public consciousness.