The Paul Stafford Foundation

The Paul Stafford Foundation was established in 2007 to raise awareness and address the serious issue of suicide in Ireland. It was founded by a group of people who were directly affected themselves by suicide and had lost someone they loved to this ever increasing problem. A young man called Paul Stafford is the inspiration for the foundation because in 1997 he took his own life, aged 26 and like so many suicide victims, left behind his distraught family and friends. 10 years later, those affected by this special man, felt a need to come together and do something to address the major issue of suicide in Irish society.

Statistically the rate of suicide is growing year on year with the majority of victims being male between the ages of 19 – 26. What a lot of people don’t know however, is that suicide is now the biggest killer of young men in Ireland surpassing road accidents.

The committee behind the Paul Stafford Foundation are committed to raising awareness and funds to make a real difference and fight this problem which has affected so many Irish families.

On November 5th our fourth  fundraiser will take place in the Mansion House. We are hoping for yet another successful night that will raise sufficient funds and allow us to continue working for this worthy cause that is so close to all our hearts. We need your support to do this… Thank you.

The Committee

  • Louise Stafford
  • Aidan Cronnelly
  • Joanne Rochford
  • John Rogan
  • Nikki Conboy
  • Graham Stafford
  • Barney Quirke
  • Mary Tierney
  • Sarah Leahy